Interview with Nitesh Singh – Owner, Ultimate Auction Pro Plugin

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Nitesh Singh – Owner, Ultimate Auction Pro

If your considering building an auction website on WordPress, there is one plugin you simply can’t ignore. This full-featured plugin can surely help speed up your setup process, along with providing top-notch support.

I’m of course talking about the ‘Ultimate Auction Pro’ plugin!

The Ultimate Auction Pro plugin is a simple to use, flexible WordPress auction plugin, which allows you to quickly setup a website like eBay.

I had the opportunity to exchange a few words with Nitesh, the owner of the Ultimate Auction Pro plugin, to get an idea on his business ideologies and the direction the plugin was heading.


How did you chance upon the idea for the Ultimate Auction plugin?

The idea originated quite logically in fact. A friend of mine had an auction website on WordPress. The auction plugin which he was using at the time, was not up to the mark. The features were inadequate, and the support offered by the plugin was quite poor. So, I was assigned the task to scout for a replacement auction plugin.

At the time, I couldn’t find a suitable plugin. So I thought of building my own. I spent time doing market research, and looking for functionality gaps in available auction plugins. Based on my findings, I made a plan of the features I wanted to make available in my auction plugin. I wanted it to be a formidable auction plugin for WordPress. And that continues to be the goal even now.


What is the USP of the Ultimate Auction plugin over other WordPress Auction plugins?


Support. Many plugin authors underestimate the value of good support. For me, support is the primary point of contact for customers looking to get a prompt response from developers, and for those requesting new features for the plugin. For me, good support can help set you a level apart from your competitors and improve customer satisfaction.


What factors according to you contribute to a plugin’s success?

I think what’s important- and what most plugin developers often miss- is the research involved prior to building a plugin. Your idea should serve a purpose. You might have a great idea, but you have to figure out if there is a need for the solution. You have to measure the need, then check for competing plugins. If you have features to offer, over and above what’s available, you’re good to go ahead.

You then have to support your plugin well. Service customers’ requests in a timely manner, and keep on adding new features.


On what basis do you include additional features into the Ultimate Auction Pro plugin?

The primary source is user feedback. I base features on the perspective customers share in the plugin’s forums, and on their feedback.

Secondly, I also like to be at par with my competitors. So, if there is a feature- a competitor is providing, and could be a great addition to my plugin- I add it.


A lot of plugin developers swear by selling plugins on a marketplace like Envato. What made you take a different route?

From the very beginning I had this fundamental, I wanted to sell the plugin from an independent site. I was aware of a few marketplaces, but I had never considered the option. I like the flexibility of having my own site. It is simpler to manage feedback forums, handle purchases and roll out updates.


What are your thoughts on the misuse of GPL?

It’s definitely a bad practice. See, for those doing this, they might get traction for some time. But, it cannot bring them success in the long run.


What should Ultimate Auction Pro users be looking out for in the coming future?

The top priority for me, is to roll out an auction theme. My efforts are focused on that right now. I also plan on adding a ‘bundles’ feature (not the official name), but a feature which allows users to link multiple items to a single auction.nitesh-auction-theme

Reverse auction is on the cards as well. And the efforts to integrate the Ultimate Auction plugin with popular payment gateways are on-going.


How would you rank the following in order of importance and why? Users, Revenue, Popularity, Quality

As a plugin owner, I definitely value revenue. But to gain revenue, the plugin needs to be popular, and for that I need more users. And I know that could be only made possible with a quality product. So, although revenue is the aim, the order of importance is Quality – Users – Popularity as the path to Revenue.


Nitesh, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Ultimate Auction Pro is a solid plugin, and with the features you’ve lined up, it’s on its way to be THE ULTIMATE auction plugin on WordPress!



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