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    Ketan Vyawahare
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The beauty of Open Source platforms is that we can mould the code according to our requirements. At WisdmLabs, we handle all types of clients and are prepared for complex customizations. But sometimes, we encounter a requirement so unique and challenging that it justifies our game-changing approach towards client services.

One such request was to integrate PayPal Payout for merchants to enable quicker transactions.


Client Requirement

Simply put, our client wanted to pay commissions quickly, straight from his dashboard. Our client had a learning portal. The content was being outsourced, so the content creators wanted a commission. The admin (client) wanted to reimburse them swiftly, without logging into PayPal every time.

A few terms to remember in our solution:

Merchant: Our client.
Payee/ Vendor: Client’s commission holders
SDK: Software Development Kit
API: Application Programming Interface
Module: Our Customization Project.

Our Solution


Without our customization, a merchant has to manually log in to PayPal, add the vendors/intermediaries to his account and make payments. We wanted the merchant to skip this step and transact directly from his WordPress Dashboard.

The process consisted of providing a form to the merchant, without redirection to PayPal. Whenever the merchant wanted to pay commissions, a form would pop up. Then, he had to fill the amount and the payee. Upon submission, the payment would be made instantly!

We had to provide settings in the dashboard so that it would connect to PayPal. It provides 2 keys on its website for such a service, a Client key and a Secret key. The merchant has to enter these keys and also set the currency. These 3 parameters had to be set in the dashboard and that’s it, the customization was ready!


The Customization Brief

This customization was mainly focused on the backend of the learning portal. To prepare the customization, our developers had to scout PayPal and its SDKs for a suitable method to implement in the portal.



PayPal has many payment methods like express checkout, payment express, etc. We found payout as the suitable type of payment method. For integration of these services, PayPal provides SDKs which are used as APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to connect to the service.

We hunted this method and found out it was used especially for commissions only. It can also be used for batch payments as well. We now had to integrate it in our plugin.

A major part of the customization went to studying the SDK. Then, we integrated the SDK as a module into the portal. By handling a few exceptions and calling methods, the integration was complete.

We then created the form. The SDK starts working as soon as the form is filled, resulting in a successful payment process.


The main aspect of this module was, paying the person without logging into PayPal.

This module can be applied to any use case scenario which contains a seller and an intermediary and a buyer. In case of paying commissions, refunds, advance payments, etc., this form can simply lessen the transaction time and hassle.

The End Result?

We completed the project successfully.   ¯\__(-_ -)__


How did you feel about this time-saving option? Do comment below.   

Ketan Vyawahare

Ketan Vyawahare

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