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Once upon a time, business owners utilized the Rolodex – a desktop binder with alphabetical order markers to keep track of their clients along with a few notes about their needs and previous sales. However, with changing times and advancements in technology, the entrepreneur of today communicates with his clients via many different mediums. But, be it emails, phone calls, chats, or one-to-one conversation – it can be a challenge to keep track of every single conversation with the client on a manual desktop tool.

This is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system comes in. A CRM helps business owners streamline the communication process with clients and keeps track of all emails, calls, presentations, meetings, and discussions which can be accessed easily through a dashboard. All the information is located centrally which means all you have to do is add a single reference to get the data instantly.

In short, a CRM system simplifies tasks for efficient management of customer relationships! In fact, 74% of CRM users agree that investing in CRM software gave them improved access to customer data while it helps increase sales by 29%. When implemented correctly, CRM software can also help increase the productivity of the workforce by 30%.

There are tons of free and paid CRM solutions available today. However, instead of investing in a whole new service, there is also a way to keep everything inside your WordPress install. The CRM plugins for WordPress are affordable and easy to set up. And of course, it will help you establish a better relationship with your consumer – which is the ultimate goal of a CRM plugin.

Without further ado, here are the top 6 CRM extensions for WordPress:

#1 UKuuPeople

UKuuPeople is by far one of the most popular CRM extensions for WordPress. It is a simple plugin with a user-friendly interface. And although the active users for UKuuPeople are more than 800, the extension has an impressive 5-star rating.

UKuuPeople allows users to:

  • Track every interaction with the consumer
  • Divide the clients according to their preferences
  • Add files to the Touchpoint records
  • Create a personalized email list

Additionally, the WP plugin has a host of add-ons available which you can purchase according to needs. Since the UKuuPeople is still new, you can definitely expect a lot of developments in the near future. Until then, UKuuPeople can be accurately termed as “the easiest CRM WordPress plugin” or the most “Simple WordPress CRM”.

Price: Free

#2 WordPress Leads

With over 10,000+ active installs, the WordPress Leads plugin has a 4-star rating and is simple as well as easy to use. As you can tell from the name, the extension focuses on leads. With the help of this plugin, you can gauge user’s activities, manage the incoming leads, and collect email ids of consumers.

WordPress Leads also allows business owners to assess what users do on their site, see their profiles, and collect geographical and demographic data accordingly.

The main features of the plugin include:

  • Easy-to-use built-in visual form builder
  • Automatic collection of data
  • Ability to sync with third-party CRM
  • Enables business owners to track every potential lead

Price: Free


The WP-CRM is relatively new in the market but still has 5,000+ active installs along with a 3.5 star rating. With the WP-CRM you can:

  • Create custom fields for customers data
  • Compete project management from website dashboard
  • Have in-built invoicing system integrated with the Stripe payment gateway
  • Create forms using Gravity and Ninja
  • Have extensions to import fields, campaigns, tasks, and more
  • Employ in-built project tracking and reporting

The only drawback of the plugin is that it depends on MailChimp, Slack, Zendesk, Gravity Forms and other integrated extensions to provide some core functions. This increases the chances of potential incompatibilities with the other plugins installed on the website.

Price: Free to add contacts. However, a pricing plan is integrated for the number of extensions added on the webpage. The price for the extension package ranges from $49-$499.

#4 UpiCRM

UpiCRM is another free and easy-to-use plugin for WordPress. The plugin integrates leads from your existing webpage to create a database and allows you to grab all contact-related information from it in the future.

Some other interesting features of the plugin include:

  • Import of contact data from existing databases
  • Tracking leads through form submission, referral source detection and URL tagging
  • Detailed tracking of every potential consumer
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Multi-user support
  • Easy export of all data for independent analysis

The only disadvantage of UpiCRM is that currently it only integrates with Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and Contact Form 7. More customization is required for integration with other contact form plugins.

Price: Free

#5 Zero BS CRM

Zero BS CRM is a hybrid approach to self-hosting your own CRM. With this plugin, you can easily manage your consumers, invoices, and quotes. Some prominent features of the Zero BS Hybrid include:

  • Interactive quote builder
  • The B2B mode allows users to manage and add companies easily
  • Easy 4-minute install
  • Mobile-friendly

In short, the plugin is an interactive approach and allows you to effectively turn potential lead into loyal customers.

Price: Free

#6 Salesmate CRM

Salesmate is undoubtedly one of the most widely known CRM solutions which is used by both – small and large businesses around. Their CRM WordPress extension can be integrated with Gravity Forms allowing users to capture leads directly from their WordPress to the CRM. Some benefits of applying the Salesmate CRM to the WordPress include:

  • Quick installation
  • Easy to use
  • Allows businesses to conveniently capture and organize leads
  • Automate tasks between the workforce

The Salesmate Add-on for WordPress is one of the best ways to manage the leads and convert them into life-long clients.

Price: Free


These were just some of the top CRM extensions you can install in your existing WordPress website to grow your business and enhance communication with your clients.

WordPress accounts for more than 19.1 million live sites around the world and many business owners utilize the platform to increase sales and offer better service to their customer. With these plugins, you too can make the most out of WordPress theme and manage customer relationships more efficiently.

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Find her on Twitter: @ericadsilva1



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