The One Tool to Teach them All: LearnDash – a Short Overview

    Sai Krishna Pothamsetty
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Once there was a teacher. He loved his job. He was pretty good at it. Seeing the young lit up minds with his teachings gave him the satisfaction he could never find in any other job.

Has this ever happened to you?

Teaching was more of a pure ignition of souls and creating a life-long impact other than just a means to earn money. Utopia was closing in.

Then came the Internet, bringing with itself, more problems than solutions.


The very foundation of conventional teaching was now in danger.

How to combine modern learning with conventional teaching? How to connect with web addled students who seem to have forgotten what a paperbound looks like?

And most importantly, how to make the best use of the internet to reach all the corners of the world and teach all those who are divided by distance, but united by their thirst for knowledge?

The answer is the problem itself! Well done irony.


Enter the Ace-in-the-hole

Even though we love beating around the bush, E-Learning is the solution.

Such systems, known as Learning Management Systems or LMS, are ideal for setting up an E-Classroom. We are fans of LearnDash LMS for reasons known only to, umm..everyone.

Setting up LearnDash is a walk on the beach and can be done easily with some patience and basic internet skills.

If you choose LearnDash, you are halfway there. You now need to install plugins to customize your classroom with the courses you provide and your very own LMS will be up and running in no time.

As teachers have observed, you need to focus only on the teaching side of the website. LearnDash provides you the platform to add courses, manage students, and communicate with your pupils.

Visual Course Builder in LearnDash

Editing a course is a time-consuming task. Adding a lesson, subtopic or a quiz to an existing course take your valuable time as you have to manually edit the said elements.

Well, the good part is that LearnDash comes built in with a Visual Course Builder that simplifies things for you and you can do all the said tasks via a graphical interface that pops up in your “Edit Course” part of the LearnDash backend.


LearnDash and Online Learning – For Peace and Popsicles

In a nutshell, our LearnDash makes your changes the way a Teacher gets the job done. Without throwing yourself to the code-wolves, you can manage your LMS with the satisfaction you always wanted.

How did you find our take on Learning Management Systems and our latest plugin?

Do let us know in the comment section below!

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Sai Krishna Pothamsetty

Sai Krishna Pothamsetty

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