8 Best Moodle™ Themes You Must Check Out in 2024

    Nitansha Tanwar
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Looking for the best theme for your Moodle™ LMS in 2024?

You’re in the right place!

In a rapidly expanding world of learning, there has been a spike in the number of people opting for e-Learning Courses.

WordPress, as a CMS, takes care of all your e-Learning needs, to a large extent.

When it comes to big corporates, universities, and so on; Moodle, an Open source LMS is the preferred choice. This is especially because Moodle is free, highly functional, and comes with a Modular structure.

Themes in Moodle open up the scope of customization, creating a fully-fledged eLearning environment.

But with a bombardment of Moodle themes all around, why not kick-start 2024 with THE BEST!

Let’s explore the 8 Best Moodle Themes of 2024!

Top 8 Moodle themes

1. Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI theme

With User Convenience and Aesthetic Functionality at the helm, Edwiser RemUI (based on Bootstrap 4) stands at the very top, among the 8 Best Moodle Themes of 2023.

You can customize your dashboard a lot more conveniently, by just dragging and dropping dashboard blocks.

The Edwiser RemUI Dashboard Blocks & the overall User Flow have been designed keeping the needs of Teachers, Admins, and Students alike!

Edwiser RemUI guarantees a laser-focused learning experience with two slick course layouts: Card Format & List Format.

Your students can keep a track of their course progress, by viewing the course progress bar on every course. At the same time, you can also keep a tab on your students progress across courses.

Edwiser RemUI is translation-ready and can be used in any language supported by Moodle, including RTL languages too.

In order to ensure uniform branding across your LMS, Edwiser RemUI offers you multiple customization options.

Edwiser RemUI also lets you set slider images, and even upload an educational video in the hero section.

This Moodle theme is focused on ensuring the best User Experience and enhanced User Engagement.

More than 3800 Happy Moodlers onboard is a testament to the fact.

Note: The new and improved Edwiser Remui 4.0 has been launched. This update brings stunningly designed pages to provide a modern and immersive learning experience. You can explore the demo here.

2. Fordson


Fordson is a theme focused on going from login to learning with refined ease.

Primarily designed to quicken the process of student enrollment, Fordson is packed with a plethora of features, that help ensure higher levels of student engagement in courses.

Fordson offers you complete customization control with a wide range of styling options, color customization options, and so on, ensuring a professional and modern learning platform.

An improved navigation system guarantees a much better experience for both students as well as teachers.

3. Lambda

Lambda-moodle theme

Lambda (based on Bootstrap) comes a close 3rd on the list of Best Moodle Themes of 2021.

Being completely responsive, you can create a visually appealing and engaging Moodle website, accessible across devices, using a single code base.

Lambda offers various easy-to-use features like slideshows, promotion boxes, etc. With Font Awesome in the picture, you also get 1000 scalable vector icons. You can modify the color, size, drop-shadow, and a lot more.

Lambda Theme comes with full support for multilingual websites in both LTR and RTL languages.

You can set Social Media icons to ensure users are always connected to you.

4. Brite


Fourth, on the list of Best Moodle Themes of 2023, we have a theme: Brite.

Best known for its sleek design and aesthetic fineness, Brite is a highly responsive theme in Moodle. Brite uses Grid Format to list your courses.

Multiple theme customizations open up the scope of effective and precise branding across your Moodle website.

The sections on the homepage can be arranged in any order and can be used for marketing purposes.

As far as logging in is concerned, you can either use the standard login page or use the customized modern login page.

You can also upload images easily using drag and drop upload of slider images as well as marketing images. Brite also lets you set a video as the hero background.

5. Adaptable

Adaptable moodle-theme

Adaptable is a highly customizable Moodle theme, designed for use across universities as well as training companies.

You can add a slideshow, marketing blocks, and alerts among other such elements to the front page.

Don’t fancy the default Moodle style of displaying courses? This theme lets you display courses using tiles.

You can add custom menus to the top bar and customize the user and the navigation bar menus. Adaptable gives you the scope of a targeted approach for students. You can display different alerts to different user groups, using 3 types of Alert Boxes.

You can also target many fields including menu, news items, alerts, etc. to specific sets of users.

6. Academic


Academic is a highly responsive Moodle theme that works best, for not just colleges and educational organizations, but even corporate training and e-Learning businesses.

Being fully customizable in terms of fonts, banners, footer sections, etc., the Academic theme opens up a huge scope of customization and branding.  

When it comes to logging in, you get to enjoy the facility of a popup login as well as a dedicated login page. You can also customize the background image of the login window.  

The theme demo makes sure you can set up and customize your Moodle site without any difficulty. The Custom Menu facility lets you add your own menu with URL link-outs.

You can create customizable responsive sliders, by uploading slider images, modifying content and so on.

7. Klassroom


One of the top educational themes for your website, Klassroom is completely responsive. A fluid user experience further ensures a royal feel while using the theme.

You can pick and choose from a plethora of colors and styling options. A dedicated  Teacher Profiles section displays the profiles, of course, teachers with their rating, designation, and other such important details.

The theme goes beyond boring course category designs to brand-new custom category designs. You can also upload relevant pictures in the gallery section.

The theme offers a separate custom section that you can use to market your brand or any other offerings of your brand.

The theme creators have also included an event section on the front page, that lets your students keep track of upcoming events.

8. Cognitio

With support for popular course formats like Grid, Buttons, etc, Cognitio is best defined as a highly flexible and user-friendly Moodle theme. It has a completely responsive layout that adapts well to all devices.

You can easily import, edit and create new site elements with a user-friendly Drag & Drop interface.

Along with easy navigation and indexing of courses, Cognitio theme also lets your students get info about course details, as well as check their course progress.

Another stand-out aspect of this theme is the freshly designed login page with a custom Login form.  

Summing Up

Over time, Moodle themes have become a necessity when it comes to building an all-inclusive Moodle website. Not just serving functionality, it also helps add aesthetic value to your learners’ user experience.

Themes like Edwiser RemUI & Lambda cater to all kinds of eLearning environments, whereas most themes are focused on benefiting a specific domain.

So is there really a “THE BEST” theme in Moodle? That’s a question only your need of the hour can answer. 🙂

Did we miss out on any good themes? Have an opinion to share? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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