Creating Subscription feature for WooCommerce based Online Eyecare Business

Doing business online is no longer just about selling products. It’s also about how simplified and personalized the user experience is. Customers nowadays appreciate recommendations, easy selection, and quick checkout.

Creating a website is easy but optimizing it based on the needs of your customers can be a task you might need some help with.

That’s when one of our clients got in touch with us as they needed help in customizing their current website to sell eyecare products on a subscription basis.

About Our Client

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Based in Singapore, Two Of A Kind is an eye care brand that focuses on making eye health uncomplicated, personal, and fun. They sell contact lenses and provide bulk orders of disposable contact lenses on a subscription basis.

Having selected WooCommerce as the platform of their choice, our client Darryn Tan, the founder and CEO reached out to us as he needed help in customizing the subscription of products based on the needs of the customer.

Client Requirements

Since the company has a subscription model for bulk orders, our client, Darryn Tan had the following requirements with the overall goal to optimize the user experience

– Customize the subscription of products to offer pricing based on user selected attributes

– Migrate the old products to the new product bundles model

– Implement custom design to the product pages

Our Solution

Now, as the products have been set up with 3 associated attributes:

– Left Eye Power (27 values) 

– Right Eye Power (27 values)

– Subscription Frequency

  • We provided a custom a-la-carte/subscription product selection page to create multiple sleeve products based on the user’s selection. 
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Source - Twooak
  • We developed a script that helps calculate the prices based on the attributes selected and redirects directly to checkout while disabling checkout for Guests.
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Source - Twooak
  • We created a Redeem Trial feature for redeeming a trial product – Basis subscription which can be delivered to home or picked up at the store.
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Source - Twooak
  • Integration with Mailchimp is provided for email campaigns.
  • We have customized the design of the product archive and single page on both mobile and desktop view.
  • We have also helped audit the website to remove unnecessary plugins, check speed and update all plugins.

Overcoming Challenges

There were two main challenges that we faced while customizing the website for subscription based orders:

  • Migration of products – The biggest challenge was to migrate the old products to the new products bundle
  • Price calculation – As there were 27 values each (Left and Right) in the power attribute, the price calculation was complicated too.

The Wisdm Factor

  • Developed and delivered a sustainable business solution keeping in mind the needs of the customers
  • Optimized the client’s website for speed by clearing all the clutter and updating the software
  • Assisted in WooCommerce integration with third party software