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Last updated – 27th September, 2023

Analyze Learner Activities and
Discover Trends, quickly

All-in-one Reports Dashboard

Unlock the potential of your eLearning platform
A graphical overview of learner and course performance helps you detect areas of concern at-a-glance. Do an in-depth analysis through detailed reports on courses, learners and, quizzes.
  • Simple and professional reports dashboard
  • Easy-to-understand graphical reports
  • Gutenberg block based reports
  • Customize and create multiple dashboards

Understand Learner and Course Progress in depth

Your eLearning platform under your complete control.
Are my learners actually going through the courses? Are they spending enough time? Which quizzes are they struggling with? Which courses require improvements? WISDM Reports gives you the ability to easily understand and analyze learner data by providing reports ranging from a summary to an in-depth, detailed view.
  • All Course Progress Summary
  • Course Progress
  • Lesson/Topic Progress
  • Quiz Performance
  • Learner Progress

Identify At-Risk Learners

Learners are the most important part of your eLearning platform and so are completion rates.
Quickly understand at which step a learner needs your help. Wisdm Reports provides graphical reports as indicators and the ability to drill-down into your learner’s course and quiz performance.
  • Course-progress report
  • Course Completion graph
  • Time Spent on Courses graph
  • Pass Rate graph
  • Quiz Completion Time graph
  • Quiz Attempts graph

Create better Quizzes

The key to a successful course is learners being able to demonstrate mastery.
Understanding learners’ quiz performance and creating effective quizzes is a critical part of learner assessment. WISDM Reports provides you with various Quiz Reports and tools that help you quickly analyze quiz performance to achieve better learning outcomes.
  • Quiz Attempts Summary with correct/incorrect questions
  • Customizable Quiz Attempt Reports
  • A Learner’s All Quiz Attempts Summary
  • Quiz Attempt Analysis Report

Track Actual Time Spent by Learners on your LMS

Use reliable and actionable time spent data to drive crucial eLearning outcomes
With WISDM Reports plugin you can track the ‘actual time’ spent in courses while also logging the idle time your learners spend on your LMS. This helps you ensure that your learners are making progress, notify them if they’re spending too much idle time, and reward them with certificates when they meet the criteria.
  • Time Spent to complete the Course/Lesson/Topic by a learner
  • Avg. Time Taken to Complete a Course by all Learners
  • Total Time Spent by an Individual and all Learners on a Course

Dashboard for Group Leaders, Instructors and others

Empower your users, customers, course partners
To achieve high customer satisfaction and retention, it becomes important to showcase the impact of your courses. With our Reports plugin, you can give access to Instructors & Group Leaders to relevant reports dedicated to their own courses or groups.
  • Attractive and presentable Front-end Reports Dashboards
  • Create personalized dashboards for multiple user roles
  • Export and share reports

Export and Share

Download reports
Make use of powerful data by being able to download and share your reports with others quickly
  • Export to CSV & Excel
Check out how WISDM Reports for LearnDash works!

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15 Day Risk-free Money Back Guarantee!

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Not Ready for a Pro version yet?
See what you get in the FREE version & download the Free plugin.
You can find the drilled-down Quiz Reports on the Quiz Reports Tab of your Reports Dashboard. Please note that the Quiz Reports are available only in the Pro version of our plugin.
Learner Specific Reports can be viewed by using the ‘Learner’ filter on the Reports Dashboard.
Once the plugin is installed and activated, a page called ‘Reports’ will be auto-created on your WordPress under ‘All Pages’. You can visit the Reports Dashboard from here and make changes accordingly.
You can see the time learners have spent on each of your courses under the ‘Time Spent On A Course’ Graph.
Buy the Pro version of the plugin. You will receive the plugin files and license key in your email. Install and activate the plugin. Once this is done, enter the License Key under WisdmLabs License Options and you are good to go.
Each block has a tool-tip next to the title of the block to understand the exact meaning of the report.
Yes, the Reports Dashboard is built using Gutenberg blocks and can be edited by editing the page. If you require advanced customisation, please contact our team from here.

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95b70075f1e6420a0ff009afd676c551?s=30&d=mm&r=g By Nicolas Mercier
Posted 1 year ago

Fantastic Plugin and specially their service!

The Support team's feedback and solutions were perfect. The support was fast and reliable. We visited the Reporting page and the translations are perfect. Many thanks !

d0d81f3a2c75243582d935c0f8d7f573?s=30&d=mm&r=g By Manuela Montesinos
Posted 1 year ago

Responded quickly and professionally!

Fantastic and easy to use plugin. It provides a bird's eye view of all the insights in a single page.

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f8ed54b85adfff3e83fc88b5e3698378?s=30&d=mm&r=g By Sara Pazeller
Posted 1 year ago

Top Support!! Thanks

Detailed and excellent plugin. The team also helped me set it up quickly. Very Happy

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