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Styling Options

Add Custom CSS

Use this setting to add custom CSS on your site. This CSS will be applied across your site.

Disable Bootstrap on frontend

Use this setting, if you want to disable the Bootstrap JS script on your site loaded by PEP plugin. If your theme or another plugin also enqueues the Bootstrap JS script on the frontend, you should select this setting and disable the Bootstrap JS script loaded by PEP plugin.

If you are facing any issue related to the menu on your site, for example, the dropdown menu is not getting open, in that case, you should select this setting and disable the PEP Bootstrap JS script.

Custom Styling

There are two options under it:

  • Use Activated Theme CSS 
  • Manually specify color settings

Use Activated Theme CSS: Select this option if theme CSS should be applied on PEP elements such as Enquiry button.

Manually specify color settings: Use this setting if you want to manually specify the color of PEP Enquiry button. When you select this option, another section Specify Color Settings will get visible.

Specify Color Settings

This section is not visible by default. If you want to enable this section, you must select the option Manually specify color settings under the Custom Styling setting.

In this section, there are various settings which enable you to modify the PEP Enquiry button color according to your requirement without adding a single line of code.

Enquiry Cart Icon Styling

Icon Position

This setting is used to determine the position of the Enquiry Cart Icon on your site.

The positions available are:

  • Top – Right Position
  • Top – Left Position 
  • Bottom – Left Position
  • Bottom – Right Position

Specify Icon Color

Once you enable this setting, you will get other settings to modify the color of the Enquiry Cart Icon.

Here is the screenshot of the Enquiry Cart Icon on the Bottom – Right Position and with modified color.

Updated on November 18, 2020

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