How to add a minimum purchasable quantity to the product?

  • Minimum purchasable quantity specific to the user/role/group can be added to the product.
  • Eg. If you want a user named, “Wholesaler One” to purchase a “Product X” where you want to set minimum purchase quantity to 50.
  • You have to unset a regular price of the product (empty regular price)
  • Add the rules for the customer “Wholesaler One” such that the rule with minimum purchase quantity for that user is 50. All the other rules for the same customer must have a “min quantity” greater than 50.
  • For all the other users/ (customers) you have to specify a price for quantity 1 to allow them to buy a single product.
  • (Note: This trick is recommended to be used only when you have to apply the min purchase quantity to a few products as this may break sorting by price functionality on shop page due to the absence of regular prices)

Updated on January 9, 2020

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