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The Age of Personalization is Here

Given the number of people shopping online these days, finding customers is not a problem. Retaining them? Ah! There’s the hitch. In such a situation, how do you ensure that you stand out in the crowd and keep them coming back for more? 

How do you build customer loyalty?

 The ONLY way is to understand customer expectations and surpass them. The average online buyer of today is super-focused on what he/she can get from your store apart from the product they are actually buying.

The key to building customer loyalty is by making every customer feel that they are a valued member of your e-store. We’re talking personalized pricing, membership benefits, special discounts, coupons, loyalty privileges.

When it comes to WooCommerce stores, the best way to do that is with Customer Specific Pricing.

Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce helps you create a completely personalized experience for every customer.  From setting up individual prices to having multiple pricing tiers for bulk purchases, the plugin works seamlessly to encourage customer loyalty at every level.

With Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce, you can:

Set Individual Prices for Every Customer

Generate a feeling of exclusivity among customers by setting different prices for individual customers, User Roles, or a Group.

Have a Category-based Pricing System

Manage product discounts easily by assigning prices per category for customers, user roles, and groups.

Create Pricing Slabs for Bulk Purchases

Encourage customers to buy more by having different pricing slabs for bulk purchases. For example – 2 books at 10% off; 3 books at 15%; 5 books at 40% off

Search User Rules Easily:

You can search for all the rules created for a user, group or even a user role, with a simple click of the mouse.

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Assign Product Prices in Bulk

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Create Multiple Offers by Setting Up Unlimited User-Pricing Pairs

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Assist Customers in Different Languages

Pricing Plans

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Single Site

$ 35
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

Staging & Production

$ 45
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

Staging & Production

$ 129
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Updates

What Our Developers say...

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“Using this plugin, a shop owner can retain his valuable customers by providing exclusive offers such as personalised and wholesale pricing, just like offline stores. We were determined to provide a good user experience to the shop administrator so we gave a lot of attention to every detail of the plugin.”

– Apurva Varshney 
Developer, WisdmLabs

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no such limit. You can add any number of customer-price pairs as needed.

Currently, the plugin works with the WooCommerce Simple Product and Variable Product types.

You can add a price for any customer with an account on your website.

Only if the customer is not logged in, they will be able to see the default price of the product.

Make sure you have entered your purchased license key for the product, in the Plugins > CSP License page. Upon successful activation, you will be able to add a price for a customer, on a per product basis.

The plugin follows the following order of priority Customer Based Price, User Role Based Price, Group Based Price, Regular Price with customer based price getting the highest priority. So if a user belongs to a group as well as a role to which custom prices have been applied then the user can purchase the product at the price set for the user role assigned to him

If you add the same customer more than once, the initial price set for the customer (in the customer-price list), will be applied. For example, if product XYZ is set at $25 for Tom, and then Tom and $35 is added again, the product XYZ for Tom will be $25.

If a customer belongs to multiple groups (or roles), the least price set for the group (or role) will be applied.

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