Plan a Pain-free Migration to WooCommerce Subscriptions

Transfer your recurring payments to WooCommerce Subscriptions without troubling your current customers!!

It’s Not as Simple as it Sounds!

Migrating to a new Subscriptions platform can be a messy affair, if not handled with care! You don’t want to end up double charging your customers. Working with someone who understands the execution can take the pain out of the process.

Meticulous and Safe Migration to Woo Subscriptions

Our meticulous and thorough process ensures all subscriptions are moved to WooCommerce seamlessly with adequate data validation to save you from sleepless nights.

  • Taking a complete backup of your current website
  • Creating a migration checklist for your ready reference
  • Mapping all data accurately, from your old platform to the new one
  • Checking your website for broken pages and links
  • Identifying all the supporting apps you need and install them for you
  • Thoroughly validating all data post-migration

125+ Successful Migrations

Transparent Pricing

Extended Support - We've Got your Back for 1 Full Year Now

  • Usually, we offer Support for 6 Months post completion of Migration. 
  • But we are extending it to 1 Year for plans requested on or before 15th April, 2020.​ 
  • We will provide continued support till all your recent annual subscriptions get renewed atleast once. 

Let us design a Migration Plan for you

For no charge!

We Keep Getting Love from our Customers

Move to a Better Subscriptions Platform

Shift to WooCommerce Subscriptions with all of its benefits, while ensuring your business continues uninterrupted.
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Some Additional Information That’ll Help You

Migrating your subscriptions is a big commitment; we understand you might have a lot of questions. Here are a few answers to put your worries to rest… 🙂

Yes, we’ve handled such requests from clients before. We’ll just need to know where you are stuck and we can take over from there for you!
We’ll create a staging site, where we will be performing the actual migration and testing the results. Your store will be offline only when we port the solution to your live site (which could be a couple of hours). 
Your current subscribers and active subscriptions will safely be migrated to WooCommerce Subscriptions. Other than the short downtime while replicating the changes onto your live site, your users won’t notice any discrepancies.  
The migration process ideally takes about 1-2 weeks. But the exact timeline can only be guaranteed upon analyzing your current store and specific requirements (if any). 
We provide Free support for a period of 1 full year to make sure you have all the technical help you require post the migration to WooCommerce Subscriptions. 
No. You will have to purchase WooCommerce Subscriptions and add-on plugins (such as payment gateways, shipping gateways) you may need.