WISDM Black Friday Giveaway!

We’re kicking off our Black Friday Sales with a Massive #FeelGood Giveaway for You! 

3 Lucky Winners will win our exciting pack of LearnDash & WooCommerce plugins and lots more!!!

But But But…Wait up! There’s something for everyone. So, for the rest of you – it doesn’t end here! 

Yes! We’ve got a huge surprise in store for all participants. All you have to do is Sign up for the Giveaway. You win either way 🙂


And You Can Win Big!

  • Create & Add Multiple Instructors for different courses
  • Assign Group Leaders and handle bulk student enrollment into courses
  • Display Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback to make your courses better & increase enrollments
  • Generate and Analyze Quiz Reports for all students, per-student on a per-quiz basis or all students on per-quiz basis
  • Duplicate existing courses and save loads of time
  • Increase customer conversions with dynamic pricing and discounting techniques
  • Boost average order value by creating Custom Product Bundles and allow buyers to mix and match products as per their choice
  • Activate FOMO among the buyers with a countdown timer to schedule products and stocks
  • Convert your WooStore into catalog-mode or members-only store by hiding Pricing and Add to Cart buttons
  • The ‘Be-all-end-all guide’ covering different functionalities of a WooCommerce store to help you grow and sustain in the competitive markets
  • A detailed handbook to help you identify and find a right and trustworthy WooCommerce Development partner
  • Access to the ultimate ‘Be-all-end-all guide’ to creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Hard Luck???

It’s okay if you’re not among the 3 lucky winners. We’ll make sure you still #FeelGood.

We promise to give you additional discounts, over and above the regular Black Friday Cyber Monday Discounts.

Remember?? There’s something for everyone here 🙂

Remember – Everybody Wins!!!

 Don’t miss out on this kickass Black Friday Sale!

As promised, there’s something in it for all of you! 

Ends on Wednesday, 24th November.