Documentation & User Guide

Compatibility Details

Version 2.3.1

WordPress: Ver 5.2

WooCommerce*:  Ver 3.6.2

PHP: Ver 7.0.3 (Ver 5.6+)

(*mandatory plugins)

Note: The Scheduler Plugin is not compatible with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and can cause conflict with the date picker.
Installation Guide

How do I install the plugin?

Upon purchasing the Scheduler for WooCommerce plugin, an email will be sent to the registered email id, with the download link for the plugin and a purchase receipt id. Download the plugin using the download link.

Go to Plugin-> Add New menu in your dashboard and click on the ‘Upload’ tab. Choose the ‘’ file to be uploaded and click on ‘Install Now’.

After the plugin has installed successfully, click on the Activate Plugin link or activate the plugin from your Plugins page.

An Scheduler Setting License sub-menu will be created under Plugins menu in your dashboard. Click on this menu and enter your purchased product’s license key. Click on Activate License. If license is valid, an ‘Active’ status message will be displayed, else ‘Inactive’ will be displayed.

Upon entering a valid license key, and activating the license, you will find scheduler settings on every WooCommerce product add/edit settings page.

User Guide

Global Scheduler Settings

To display a message to a store visitor, when the product is unavailable for purchase, there are two options available.

 The ‘Single Product Expiration Message‘ field can be used to set an unavailable message on the single product page.

The ‘Shop Page Expiration Message‘ field can be used to set an unavailable message on the WooCommerce shop page.

Text After/Before Product Becomes Available: You can add your own text to indicate availability of a product.

Color for Timer Texts: You can change the text of the timer after or before the product becomes available.

Base Ring/Top Ring Color: You can change the top and the base color of the ring.

Enable Notify Users: You can notify users about the product availability.

Scheduler settings
'Notify User' Settings
On checking the notify user checkbox, a ‘Notify User‘ tab is created and click on ‘Global‘ where you can see the below settings:

  • Success Enrolment Message: The admin can set the message that has to be displayed when a user subscribes to notifications of product availability.

  • Notify Me: The text for the ‘Notify Button’ can be changed here.

  • Allow Guest User Enrolment: Admin can chose if non-logged in user can subscribe to receive notifications.

  • Guest Enrolment By: Guest users can provide email address in a popup or a text field.

  • Notify Event: Select if the user should be notified only once when a product is available or everytime the product is available.

  • Notify Customers: The Admin can select at what time period the subscribed users should be notified about the product availability. You can set custom hours too.
Enrolment Email Template

You can send the subscribed users an email template for successful enrolment. You can change the email subject and the email template can also be customized by CSS in the Email Template tab.

Product Availability Notification Email Template

You can send the subscribed users an email template for successful enrolment. You can change the email subject and the email template can also be customized by CSS in the Email Template tab.

Unsubsciption Page

You can set the page where the unsubscription link should be displayed for the users to unsubscribe from the notifications. From the dropdown you can select any page on your website where the link will be accessible.

Do note that if the unsubscription page is changed, than all the previous unsubscription links won’t work as the page will get changed.

Settings Unsubscribe emails WooCommerce Scheduler — WordPress
Front end Display of the 'Notify Me' button for Guest Users

The Text Field to enter the guest user email address if Guest Enrolment By ‘Text Field’ is selected.


The popup notification to enter the guest user email address if Guest Enrolment By ‘Pop up’ is selected.

Note: Logged in users email address will be stored automatically hence, they won’t see the text field or popup box to enter their email address.

Enrolled Users List

The Admin can see the product name and the users who have subscribed for notifications for the product’s availability.

When you click on the product name, you will see the subscribed user email address.

WooCommerce Product Settings

Once the plugin is activated, you will see the ‘Product Display Dates’ settings added on a product add/edit page. Use the ‘Start Date – End Date’ options, to set product purchase availability.

Edit product Set Schedule‹ WooCommerce Scheduler — WordPress
Edit product Schedule Date Range ‹ WooCommerce Scheduler — WordPress

If you have selected the ‘Make Product available for some duration‘ option, you should also notice settings to schedule a product on certain days of the week.

The ‘Days of Week’ option allows you to schedule a product on certain days. For example, let’s say you set the start date as ’10/05/2015 10:30′, end date as ’12/17/2015 22:00′, and pick ‘Tuesday’, ‘Friday’, ‘Saturday’ as days of the week. The product will be available for purchase, every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 5th Oct to 17th Dec, from 10:30 a.m. to 10: p.m.

Remember to save any changes made.

Edit product ‹ WooCommerce Scheduler
Bulk Product Scheduler

In the Dashboard menu, you should notice a ‘Scheduler for WooCommerce’ option. This option allows you to bulk schedule several products at once.

You can either select ‘Product’ or ‘Category’ to continue. You can then pick multiple products or categories to bulk schedule multiple products at once.

Bulk Schedule ‹ WooCommerce Scheduler category
Bulk Schedule ‹ WooCommerce Scheduler — launch
Bulk Schedule ‹ WooCommerce Scheduler — days and date
Bulk Schedule ‹ WooCommerce Scheduler — WordPress

Once you pick the products or categories, click on ‘Show Schedule’. The products with the schedules will be listed. You will be shown settings to schedule the products as available on a single product page. If you select ‘launch on specific day’ option, you should see the option to set the Date and day of the product launch.

On clicking ‘Edit Schedules’ button you can pick the ‘Start date’, ‘End date’ and set the ‘Days of Week’ (for Per Day scheduling) and click ‘Set Schedule’. You can also enable the timer option to display timer at the front end for a product or product category.

Hide Unavailable Products Or Categories

Checking the ‘Hide Product When not Available’ check-box will hide the selected products or categories from your entire store.

You can hide unavailable products for both Simple and Variable products.

Unavailable products or categories will be automatically turned into drafts and once their schedule is set again they can be published and will be visible on the entire site.

Hide products
Bulk Schedule ‹ WooCommerce Scheduler — Hide Category

Selecting the ‘Enable Start Timer’ will show the countdown timer on the product page. 

Do note, only one schedule will be applied to the products and previously set schedules will be overridden.

Timer Display at the Front end

This is how the timer will be displayed if the ‘End Timer‘ is enabled.

scheduler woocommerce product availability

The timer displayed when the ‘Start Timer‘ is enabled.

scheduler woocommerce product availability
Variable Products Settings

You can now schedule a particular variation of a variable product type.

If a variable product ‘Shirt’ has two variations ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ and the option ‘Hide Product When Unavailable’ has been selected for this product, the variations will be available or hidden based on your schedule.

You can now schedule a particular variation of a variable product type.

If a variable product ‘Shirt’ has two variations ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ and the option ‘Hide Product When Unavailable’ has been selected for this product, the variations will be available or hidden based on your schedule.

scheduler woocommerce product availability

If both the variations are unavailable then the variable product will be automatically saved as a ‘Draft’.

Change Log

 Ver 2.3.1 (13th May 2019)

Fix – The Issues – shop page loading delay & 503 Error on some sites.

Fix – No migration after update (migration handled on activation hook)

Ver 2.3.0 (25th April 2019)

Feature – Schedule types are moved to the product level from global settings.

Feature – New schedule type Product Launch is added for product & product variations.

Feature – Hide Category When Unavailable.

Feature – New Schedule Type Introduced for the Entire Duration named Whole Day.

Feature – New Schedule Type Introduced for the Per Day named Specific Time On The Selected Days.

Feature – Skip Duration and the Weekday selection Options added.

Fix – Compatibility with the commonly used plugin Advanced Custom Fields: date-time Pickers weren’t working when ACF active.

Fix – Automatic Publishing of the product after clicking Add New and immediately closing the page.

Fix – Hide if unavailable option saving even when the product is not scheduled.

Fix – Add To Cart Button gets hidden during the very first availability of the simple product.

Fix – Crons for the variants not listed in current view get deleted while updating the variable product.

Fix – Notification Modal Popup – page refresh on pressing enter. 

Ver 2.2.2

  Fix – Solved the issue of schedules getting completed before time. i.e; UTC – (x) Timezones.

Ver 2.2.1 (1st November 2018)

   Fix – Fixed the issue of not setting the notification cron from the product edit page.

 Fix – Made the product scheduling start time and end time fields mandatory on product edit page to prevent the issues which were getting generated at the time of setting the notification cron.

   Fix – Email templates not visible in the email settings.

   Fix – Error on schedules for empty start/end time.

Ver 2.2.0 (11 October 2018)

      Feature: Notify User Feature

      Feature: Unsubscription link to stop notifications

      Feature: User Enrolment and Product Availability Emails

      Feature: Admin can see the subscribed user and the products subscribed too.      

      Fix: Crons are not being deleted when “Hide Product When Unavailable” is enabled. 

      Fix: Product does not get Visible when schedule is deleted.      

      Fix: Hide Product when Unavailable Is Not Working Properly      

      Fix: Proper Category Scheduling is not getting applied.      

      Fix: Deleting Product Schedule when category schedule is applied.      

      Fix: Alert Message Shown Even if there is no Schedule of any of the product.

Ver 2.1.3 (24 May 2018)

       Improvement: License Code Updated

Ver 2.1.2 (6th April 2018)

Fix: Timer issue fixed on Safari browser for iOS

Ver 2.1.1 (3rd April 2018)

Implemented a new Licensing system

Feature: A ‘Clear’ button is provided to the user on the Edit page of the product. The user will be able to clear the schedule by clicking this button present at the bottom.

Fix: Fixed the issue of multiple notices present on various pages of WordPress for devices having PHP version 7.2.

Ver 2.1.0

Feature: Added Timer feature on single product pages.

Improvement: Moved the scheduler settings to a new dashboard menu “Scheduler for WooCommerce” and added two tabs General & Global, in the settings page.

Improvement: Changed the 24 Hours clock to 12 Hours clock.

Improvement: Added a warning message on days selection section. This warning will be displayed only if the selected days does not fall within the selected range of dates.

Fix: Added an unavailable warning message for variable product if all variations are unavailable.

Ver 2.0.4

Fix: Hide if unavailable was not preserved after updating

Fix: Note on save changes button to update the product

Improvement: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.x

Improvement: Integrated updated licensing code

ver 2.0.3

Fix: Issue in setting new product as Draft fixed

Ver 2.0.2

Improvement: Compatibility with Customer Specific Pricing plugin

Ver 2.0.1

Fix: Variable Product Day’s selection issue solved

Fix: Hide custom message notice for non admin user

Fix: On plugin activation days were not being shown for per day option

Fix: Custom message on product expiration for Variable Product

Ver 2.0.0

New: Hide Unavailable Products

New: Schedule variations feature available

Improvement: New Licensing code added

Ver 1.4.2

Improvement: Resolved issues with the plugin license activation

Ver 1.4.1

Improvement: Plugin code made PSR2 compatible

Bug Fix: Resolved issues with year and mandatory field

Ver 1.4.0

New: Single page to schedule products from dashboard

New: Multiple products can be scheduled at once

New: Products can be scheduled based on categories

New: Multiple categories can be scheduled at once

New: Tableview to display multiple schedules for products and categories and to be able to delete them

Ver 1.3.0

New: Feature to schedule the product, for selective days in a week, under ‘Per day’ scheduling option

New: Feature to display separate product expiration messages on the shop page and the single product page

Ver 1.2.1

Improvement: Labels changed

Ver 1.2.0

Improvement: Added functionality for both per day as well as entire day scheduling

Improvement: Added filter for changing product expiration message, filter name is ‘wdm_expiration_message’

Ver 1.1.4

Improvement: Restricted add-to-cart functionality for a product if product is expired

Ver 1.1.3

Bug Fix: Solved the issue for the ‘Add to Cart’ button enabled when product is unavailable

Ver 1.1.2

Bug Fix: Solved the product expiration message update issue

Ver 1.1.1

Bug Fix: Solved scheduling issue on single product page

Ver 1.1.0

New: Feature to schedule product based on time along with date

Ver 1.0.0

Plugin Released