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The Power of Time

Did you know? One of the most successful strategies used by leading marketplaces is scheduling products.

The power of limited duration deals is immense. Say, you are browsing for a laptop. But you notice there is a 50% discount on headphones, for 1 hour only. You will be tempted to buy those headphones and even that hi-fi laptop, just because you got a great deal!

Creating limited duration deals as well as product scarcity makes them sell like hot cakes!When customers come to your site, they are shown an array of products. What if you showed them some novelty items, available for a limited time? Or offer them a deal they can’t refuse?

Just imagine the sense of urgency a limited edition watch would create in the mind of potential buyers. Or a cheese burger with special sauce and herbs, available only during Springtime.
Scheduling products tempts the customers, making it a strong marketing strategy for your store.

You may now ask, how do I implement this on my online store? 

With Scheduler for WooCommerce of course!

Scheduler enables you to

Set a Timer on your Products

A countdown timer for creating that sense of urgency for your products.

Hide Unavailable Products

Keep a check on out of stock products by hiding them in your product  catalogue.

Schedule by Date & Time

Schedule products and categories, by selecting a date and time, with ease.

Here’s what one of our happy customers have to say:



Set product expiration based on date and time

Schedule products over a duration or on a daily basis


Setting for each individual product


Timer to display the Product Schedule


Simple and Variable Product Support


Schedule Products by Category


Customizable Unavailability Message


Remove Unavailable Products


Fallback Support

calendar (1)

Set product availability based on date and time


Developed by WooExperts


Intuitive Settings Interface

Pricing Plans

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Single Site

$ 24
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

Staging & Production

$ 34
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

Single Site

$ 99
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Updates

What Our Developers say...

"Scheduler has been designed to keep the customer in focus. We have seen so many customers who want a useful marketing plugin which not only lets them sell products but also manages stock availability. Scheduler solves this problem and much more."

Technical Leader, WisdmLabs

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the Product after the expiry date ?

If you select the option "Hide Unavailable Products" then the unavailable product will be hidden from the entire site and the product will automatically go into Drafts. If the product is made available again then it will be automatically published again.If you do not select the option "Hide Unavailable Products", the product will still be available in your WooCommerce shop, but the "Add to Cart" option will not be present. So the visitor cannot make a purchase. However, you can display a custom message to the visitor, by entering a value for WooCommerce->Settings->General->"Product Expiration Message".

Does the Scheduler work with every WooCommerce Product Type ?

You can schedule simple and variable products using WooCommerce Scheduler.

Is the Product present in the Shop before the start date ?

Yes. The product will still be present in your WooCommerce shop, but a visitor will not be able to buy it, because the "Add-to-Cart" button will not be present. You can display a custom message to the visitor, by entering a value for WooCommerce->Settings->General->"Product Expiration Message".

How do I show an unavailability message to a Visitor?

You can head over to Scheduler for WooCommerce and under Global Settings and display a product unavailability message by setting a value for "Product Expiration Message".

How do I set timer to show availability of Products?

You need to go to Scheduler for WooCommerce setting in the Dashboard menu and under Global settings, you can see the options to set a timer for, before and after the product is available.

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