? Not good. Instead QuoteUp provides you the option to hide the prices for all products in your catalog store or only for certain products as needed. Selectively Display 'Add to Cart' A catalog store does not have a purchase option. Shoppers can just browse through products available in your WooCommerce store. To setup WooCommerce as a Catalog store, all you need to do, is use the global setting available in QuoteUp to disable the 'Add to Cart' button across all products. You can certainly disable it only for certain products, if needed. Selectively Display Quote Button So you've hidden the price for a product, and disabled the 'Add to Cart' option. But then how does an interested customer contact you if he's looking to purchase a product? Here's where QuoteUp proves to be a comprehensive solution. It allows you to selectively display a 'Request Quote' button on products for which interested customers could send a price quotation request."/>
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