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If mobile is how we access content, apps are how we bookmark it

With m-Learning being the fastest-evolving education technology, mobile apps are soon becoming a priority for businesses. It’s sort of become a survival game for businesses—either go mobile or bid farewell to your customers.

Apps can increase student engagement, make your content more accessible, and can truly take training mobile (pun intended!)

A mobile app can be your way of creating more value for your students and boosting your brand visibility.

Owning an app today, has become easier than ever. The right kind of app? That’s a different story.

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Introducing, WisdmApp
for LearnDash

Conventional learning apps are designed to effectively deliver course content to students. They talk about making learning content accessible and readable. But that’s far from enough.

To stand apart in this competitive market, you need an app that leaps further and truly captivates the learner. That’s what we have to offer.

WisdmApp for LearnDash is a one-of-a-kind app that focuses on the learning process. It goes beyond being “just another app for LearnDash” by completely redefining traditional layouts. The design is clean, unique, and modern. Each element is thoughtfully crafted to make learning an enjoyable experience.

It’s the new age app to help you dominate the mobile learning space, like a pro.

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Built on Cutting-Edge Technology

Development in cross-platform technologies and in-house innovation has helped us build WisdmApp by sharing native code across platforms.

Supported with

Business needs change and so does the underlying platform. We take care of updating and maintaining the app with every LearnDash upgrade.

Unbeatably Designed

WisdmApp is specifically designed to enhance the learning experience. Every screen flows seamlessly to engage students, the “native” way

Offline support

Whether it’s text, images, audios or videos, WisdmApp allows your learners to seamlessly download their favorite courses and truly learn on-the-go.

Keep Learning at Center Stage

WisdmApp is a LearnDash app that’s specifically built for learners. Course content is displayed seamlessly with layouts built to reduce distraction and optimize learning. Course progress options are stratigically placed to make it easy for students to navigate through course content

course support​
The app supports LearnDash’s hierarchical course structure (course, lesson, topics) to provide for a uniform learning experience
Push notifications​
As learners progress through course content push notifications help boost engagement, and notify students of any updates instantly
Optimized quiz layout
The app provides an upgraded LearnDash quiz layout, to make it easy for students to attempt a quiz on their mobile devices
The app can be customized to support a requirement you may have specific to your business
The app is exclusively available to enrolled students, who can view and complete courses they’ve signed up for.
We understand that your business will grow. Hence, we’ve made sure that the app can support your changing needs
Course progress notification ​
Students are notified on every step of their progress through subtle yet elegant progress notifications
Course navigation setup
When learning a specific course, students have navigation options to easily switch between lessons and topics


Students can use native gestures to interact with the app, making their learning experience seamless
Learner focused screens​
Course content is laid out to optimize the reading experience on mobile devices of various dimensions

profile support

Students can customize their profile (name, gravatar, contact information, description) from the app itself
Custom app settings
The app provides essential settings that can be enabled/disabled as per the learner’s preference

Experience the WisdmApp Difference


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Ideal for New Businesses
$ 499
*Optional maintenance for $99 per month
  • Android App ready to submit to Android Play Store
  • iOS App ready to submit to iOS App Store
  • White Labelling ( Splash Screen, Logo, Font Family, Color Scheme )
  • Push Notifications
  • Translation Ready
  • Unlimited Users


For growing businesses
$ 999
*Optional maintenance for $149 per month
  • All Essential features +
  • Submission and Approval to Android Play Store
  • Submission and Approval to iOS App Store
  • Offline Funtionality


For custom needs
Contact Us
  • Custom Screens
  • In-app Purchases
  • Custom Workflow

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, it’ll take us as little as 2 weeks to get your app ready. But in case of any incompatibilities or if you want any additional customizations on your app, the time required will vary accordingly.  

That’s alright. We’ll help you set up your website and simultaneously deploy your Mobile App as well.

The content you add, change and update on your LearnDash website is spontaneously synchronized with the Mobile App.

Of course, it does! Text, images, audios, videos, etc can all be flexibly incorporated into your content to suit varying learning styles.

Yes. We understand that your business is unique and so are your requirements. If there’s a specific functionality you’re looking for, we’ll custom build it for you.

No, it isn’t. This is a Hybrid Application that is built using cross-platform technology. The User Interface of WisdmApp is rendered using ‘native’ controls, to ensure great performance and an amazing User Experience.

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