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Confused about your technical needs and next steps? We can help.

Move ahead with a clear technical strategy for your eLearning business

Backed by our industry expertise and 7+ years of LearnDash experience

Evaluating LearnDash
Figure out if the LearnDash LMS platform is the right fit for your business and if it can accommodate all your technical needs.

Going from idea to implementation
Understand how your business requirements can be translated into technical requirements. Use this as a guide for your development team. 

Estimating effort
Assess the time and effort required by your technical team and other stakeholders. Make decisions about areas to focus on and/or consider more feasible alternatives

Extending capabilities of your LMS
Evaluate and understand how to go about building customizations your business needs on top of LearnDash.

Checking technical feasibility
Assess if your technical team has the required resources and skills to implement your proposed system.

Deciding a plan of action
Chalk out your next steps and build a long-term roadmap to your ideal LMS

"WisdmLabs have a passionate and very energetic team and are innovative in their approach in solving complex technical problems."

Why Consult a LearnDash Expert?

Protection against time and cost overruns
The correct advice can help you distribute your resources correctly and avoid unplanned costs down the line.

Expert advice without the commitment of hiring a LearnDash developer
Get clarity on your requirements before taking the leap and onboarding a developer

Access to industry insights from an experienced professional
Get valuable insights into the eLearning industry and popular features and capabilities built for LearnDash businesses.

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WisdmLabs understands what LearnDash users want, and are
passionate about helping their customers succeed.

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Get to know our Team!

Pooja Sahasrabuddhe

Associate Specialist - Business Development (LearnDash). 4+ years of experience with Learndash clients

Bhagyashri Varma

Associate Specialist - Business Development (LearnDash). 4+ years of experience with Learndash clients

Ashwin Parthasarathi

Technical Leader with 6+ years of experience on over 50 LearnDash projects

“What really stood out for me was how many questions the team asked to get down every detail of what I wanted and even things I never thought of. It shows the team of WisdmLabs taking a personal interest in making sure we succeed together as a team!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you fill out the form, we will reach out to you to set up a consultation call for a time that is convenient for you. The consultation will be done over a video call, you may ask as many questions as you’d like.

Type of Questions we can answer for you include –
1. Will LearnDash be able to support multiple instructors and 1000 plus students while ensuring a good user experience?
2. I need a unique payment feature for my eLearning website, what are my options?
3. Is there a way to enhance LearnDash reporting to measure exactly what I need?
4. My LearnDash website needs more gamification, how do I come up with a solution?

You can talk to us about most major plugins and integrations including:
– WooCommerce
– bbPress
– BuddyPress
– GamiPress

We are also authors of major LearnDash add-ons like Instructor Role and Group Registration

You can explore our other LearnDash services here