Documentation & User Guide

Compatibility Details

Version 1.2.0

WordPress: Ver 4.9

LifterLMS*: Ver 3.22.1

WooCommerce*: Ver 3.4.4

PHP: Ver 7.0+ (Upto 7.1.14)

(*mandatory plugins)

Installation Guide

Kindly note: The Group Registration plugin is an extension to LifterLms and WooCommerce. You will need to install and activate both these plugins.

Upon purchasing the Group Registration plugin, an email will be sent to the registered email id, with the download link for the plugin and a purchase receipt id. Download the plugin using the download link.

Go to Plugin-> Add New menu in your dashboard and click on the ‘Upload’ tab. Choose the downloaded plugin file to be uploaded and click on ‘Install Now’.

After the plugin has installed successfully, click on the Activate Plugin link or activate the plugin from your Plugins page.

A Group Registration for LifterLms License sub-menu will be created under Plugins menu in your dashboard. Click on this menu and enter your purchased product’s license key. Click on Activate License. If the license is valid, an ‘Active’ status message will be displayed, else ‘Inactive’ will be displayed.

User Guide

Setting up a Product on the Backend – WooCommerce

1.Create a ‘Simple Product’ and check the ‘Enable Group Registration’ option

2.Then, select the ‘Related Courses’ for the product, and publish the product.

3.Disable the Guest Checkout – Go to the Dashboard -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Checkout Settings and disable the “Enable guest checkout”.

Making a Bulk Purchase

Upon activating the Group Registration plugin, a user has the option to purchase multiple courses during a single checkout.To make a purchase on behalf of a group, the user needs to check the ‘Enable Group Registration‘ option.

Once the user checks this option and makes a bulk purchase, a group is automatically created, and the user is set as the Group Leader

Adding & Managing Students

Students can be registered for the purchased course using the ‘Group Registration’ page. The plugin automatically creates a ‘Group Registration’ page, using which Group Leaders can add and manage students.

Please note: If this page is not created, you can create a new page and the shortcode [wdm_group_users] to create the Group Registration page.

Enroll Option

A Group Leader has to enter the student’s name and email id to enroll a student for a course. If a WordPress user does not exist for the student, a new user will be created and the student is registered for the course. If the user exists, he/she is automatically enrolled for the course.

Bulk Enroll Option

Group Leaders can upload a CSV file to enroll members to the group. The format for the CSV file needs to be: First Name, Last Name, Email id.

A sample CSV file can be downloaded from the group registration page.

Manage Students

The Group Leader also has the option to view and manage students added to a group for a particular course. Upon selecting the course from the ‘Select Product’ option, the list of enrolled students is displayed.


A ‘Remove’ action is available in case the Group Leader wants to unregister a student. However, clicking on the ‘Remove’ action only sends a remove request to the Admin, and does not remove the student directly.


Once the Admin approves the ‘Remove’ request, the student is removed from the group and unenrolled from the course. The user however is not deleted from your WordPress website.

Admin Privileges

Under every group Groups -> , the Admin has the option to check students, Group course and Group Leaders of the Group, and accept/reject ‘Remove’ requests sent by the Group Leader.

User Removal Request

The Admin can Accept or Reject a request sent by the Group Leaders to remove a user from the group.

Change Log
Ver 1.2.0 (14th August 2018)

Feature: Option to purchase a product Individually or for the whole Group

Feature: Auto-Enrollment for Group Leaders

Ver 1.1.0 (15th June 2018)

GDPR license update 

Ver 1.0.0 (15th March 2018)

Plugin Released