eLearning Consultation Services

Make decisions about your digital learning business with confidence

Move ahead with a clear strategy for your eLearning business

Backed by our industry expertise and 7+ years of experience

Get clarity about your business strategy 
Whether you’re starting a new eLearning business or trying to grow an existing one, we help you come with a clear set of plans and actions

Identify a profitable revenue model 
We review your revenue earning strategy and identify gaps in your revenue sources, revenue generation techniques, or pricing strategies. 

Invest in the right tools & technologies
Starting with the right LMS is the first big decision for your business, we help you evaluate the one that best fits your needs. 

Refine your value proposition
We dive into the ‘why’ of your business, help you maximize the value of your offering and stand out from the crowd.

Set strategic goals and objectives
We help you set measurable and describable goals keeping in mind your long term business strategy and the overall industry standards

Explore growth opportunities
We help you decode the market landscape, new trends or developments in the industry and figure out a new growth opportunities

"WisdmLabs have a passionate and very energetic team and are innovative in their approach in solving complex technical problems."

Start Your Journey with Clarity

With over 500+ eLearning projects under our belt, we’ve aced the art of asking the right questions. This helps us identify your assumptions and zero in on ‘what you really need’ versus ‘what you think you need’.

Why Consult an eLearning Expert?

Protection against time and cost overruns
The correct advice can help you distribute your resources correctly and avoid unplanned costs down the line.

Expert advice without the commitment of hiring a developer
Get clarity on your requirements before taking the leap and onboarding a developer

Access to industry insights from an experienced professional
Get valuable insights into the eLearning industry, popular features and trends

Get to know our Team!

Pooja Sahasrabuddhe

Associate Specialist - Business Development 4+ years of experience with eLearning clients

Bhagyashri Varma

Associate Specialist - Business Development. 4+ years of experience with eLearning clients

Ashwin Parthasarathi

Technical Leader with 6+ years of experience on over 50 eLearning projects

“What really stood out for me was how many questions the team asked to get down every detail of what I wanted and even things I never thought of. It shows the team of WisdmLabs taking a personal interest in making sure we succeed together as a team!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once you fill out the form, we will reach out to you to set up a consultation call for a time that is convenient for you. The consultation will be done over a video call, you may ask as many questions as you’d like.

We do our best to answer questions based on our experience and expertise. However, if we’re not familiar with a particular subject matter or you’re not satisfied with the consultation, we offer a full refund. It is important to us that the consultation is beneficial to you. 

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