Profile Introduction Sections

The profile introduction sections is a part of the instructor profile feature. Read here to learn more about the instructor profile feature

The instructor profile introduction sections allows you to add and configure additional data to be displayed on the instructor profile page along with the flexibility to control how the data gets saved and displayed.


To configure the profile introduction section go to the LearnDash LMS 🠚 Instructor 🠚 Profile settings page

By default you will find 2 pre-set configurations for the instructor Education and Achievements.

You can use them, remove and modify them or you can decide to add some new sections of your own specific to your need.

Add New Section

Adding a new section is pretty easy.

Click on the Add button below the introduction section configuration table. This will open a pop-up box as displayed in the screenshot below.

Once all the field details are filled properly click on Add again to add the new section to the table.

Click on Save to save the newly added sections.

Screenshot for Adding new Introduction Section

Edit Existing Section

Screenshot for Editing Introduction Section

You can edit a section by clicking on the wrench icon under the actions column of that row. This would open a pop-up similar to the add new section pop-up.

Edit the details you wish to update and then click on Save to update the details in the table

Click on Save to save the edited sections.

Screenshot for Edit Section Pop-up Box

Remove a Section

To remove a section, click on the trash icon in the actions column of the section you wish to remove and then click on Save button.

Section Configuration Fields

Following is the list of all the fields, and their description, used to create an introduction section


This field describes the title of the Section. It is a required field and must not be empty.


This field describes the image to be used against the introduction section. You can either one of the 2 pre-set options or select a custom image for your section.

Please note the resolution of the uploaded image to be close to 165 x 170 pixels for best experience.

Meta Key

This is a unique key used to store this section data in the database. You cannot use the same meta key for two or more sections.

Use the following format to easily create and save meta keys for your sections.

Let’s say if you have a section named certifications to display list of your instructor certifications, you may use the following as its meta key


You can even make it more unique by using a special prefix for all your section meta keys as follows


Data Type

This field defines the data type to be used to save the section values. It offers 2 options list and paragraph.


This field describes the icon to be used at the beginning of every item displayed for the section. You can choose from the existing options or choose a custom dashicon for this.

Updated on November 30, 2020

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