How to add a group & users to the group

Steps to enable & use Group based pricing

  • Download/Install the Groups plugin from the WordPress dashboard or from here.
  • Activate the plugin.
Installing the Groups plugin

How to add a new User Group

  • The Groups Admin menu will be visible on the WordPress admin dashboard, as shown in the image below.
Groups wp-admin menu
  • Click on the Groups Admin menu,
    • The following screen will be visible to you.
    • Click the “+New Group” Button to add new groups
Groups plugin dashboard
  • Fill the form & add a new role, the following image shows how to add a new user group ‘Special_Customers’.
    • Only the group name is mandatory.
    • Click on the Add button.
Adding a new user group

How to add a user to the Group/Groups

  • Go to the Users menu in wp-admin.
  • Select “All Users”, This will list all the users.
  • Select the users you want to add to some group/s (Refer the Image below)
Adding the selected users to the selected group/groups
  • Select the Group/s you want the selected users to be added, (like “Special_Customers” is selected in the above image)
  • Select an action “Add to group” & click on apply. This will add the selected users to the selected Group/s.
Users list after adding the selected users to the groups

Updated on January 9, 2020

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