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Installation & User Guide

Installation Guide

  1. Once you download the plugin using the download link, go to Plugin-> Add New menu in your dashboard and click on the ‘Upload’ tab. Choose the ‘’ file to be uploaded and click on ‘Install Now’.

  2. After the plugin has installed successfully, click on the Activate Plugin link or activate the plugin from your Plugins page.

  3. Alternately, you can upload the plugin manually, by unzipping the downloaded plugin file, and adding the plugin folder to wp-content/plugins on your server, using an FTP client of your choice.

User Guide

Upon installing and activating the Content Cloner extension for LearnDash, you should notice a ‘Clone’ option under every Course in LearnDash admin settings.

How to Clone a LearnDash Course

In your WordPress admin panel, go to LearnDash LMS -> Courses. The list of courses on your LMS should be displayed. Upon hovering over a course name, you should notice a ‘Clone Course’ option.
learndash clone course option content cloner
Upon clicking this option, the course should be completely cloned along with associated lessons and topics, and you should receive a course successfully cloned notification.
ld course cloner progress content cloner
At this point, you can either edit the title of the course cloned, or bulk edit the course, lesson, topic titles.
ld course cloner bulk rename content cloner
All course content duplicated, is not automatically published, but rather saved as drafts, and categorized the same way as the original content.
learndash duplicate course draft content cloner

How to Clone LearnDash Groups

In your WordPress admin panel, go to LearnDash LMS -> Groups. The list of Groups available should be displayed. Upon hovering over a group name, you should notice a ‘Clone Group’ option.
Clone group content cloner
Cloning a Group allows the admin to clone the LearnDash Group and its contents, users in the group, courses associated with the group and group leaders.
draft popup content cloner

Change Log
  •   Fixed issues where course content were not being cloned
  •   Fixed conflicts with Elementor builder
  •   Compatibility with LearnDash 3.4.0
  •   Fixed issues with quiz cloning where questions get cloned multiple times.
  •   Fixed conflicts with Instructor Role plugin.
  • Fixed the pot file issue

  • Added support for Multiple Instructor feature of Instructor Role plugin.
  • Added compatibility with Yoast SEO, WP Fastest Cache, and Redirection plugins.
  • General Improvements and bug fixes.
  • Ability to close the cloner window.

  •  Added action hooks after modules cloning.
  •  Added filter hooks to change Copy keyword.

  • Removed the products promotion slider for Instructors(Instructor Role plugin).

  • Compatibility with WordPress 5.2.1
  • Compatibility with LearnDash

  •  Added ‘activity_id’ in the default keys to be excluded during setting meta for course cloning.
  •  Added filter hook to allow 3rd party plugins to filter excluded post meta keys.

  • Compatibility with WordPress version 5.0.2
  •  Compatibility with LearnDash version 2.6.3
  •  Fixed topic rename issue on course bulk rename page
  •  Fixed course cloning issue when course shared steps setting is enabled during course creation and disabled before cloning
  •  Fixed issue with the number of lessons cloned for a course

  • New: GDPR Compatible

  • Fix: Issue regarding the fatal error when LD Content Cloner & LD Group Registration both the plugins are active is fixed.
  • Fix: License Integration issue fixed.

  • Fix: On Enabling the ‘Shared Course Steps’ the cloned topic used to get associated with old course content. This issue has been fixed
  • New: Compatibility with Visual Composer
  • Improvement: Licensing Update

  • Improvement: Compatibility with LearnDash version 2.5.2
  • Improvement: Cloned course having content shared with other course(s), duplicated the shared content as well.

  •  Fix: Published all course contents on cloning and saved the cloned course as draft.
  •  Improvement: Provided edit post link for course contents listed on bulk rename page.
  •  Improvement: Cloned every post meta of course and its contents.

  • Improvement: Added License template to notify users of updates to the plugin.
  • Fix: Fixed Styling issues

  • Improvement: Layout Changes

  • Fix:  Categories and Tags were not getting cloned
  • Fix: Order for Topic and Quiz was not getting cloned
  • Fix: Quiz LeaderBoard was not getting cloned
  • Fix: Quiz Custom Fields were not getting cloned

  • New: Group Cloning
  • Fix: Fixed the Lesson and Topic Order data for cloned course.

  • Plugin Launched