Adapting LearnDash to enhance Licensure Courses for Physical Therapists

Online training has definitely changed the face of education.  Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to create an e-learning website and get started with the help of ready made templates and themes.

But sometimes you need to make changes that are unique and cater to the needs of YOUR students. And then there’s also the need to extend the capabilities of your website while  maintaining changes.

Moving along the same lines, we want to share one such story with you!

Here’s how we helped one of our clients in integrating LearnDash with their existing website along with some specific customizations.

About Our Client

Source - Therapy Team

MaryLu Cianciolo is a non clinical instructor at Therapy Team. She is a principal with Therapy Team Educational Services where she is the instructor for the Legal, Scope of Practice, and Ethics sections of their course preparing physical therapy graduates for the NPTE and NPTAE.

MaryLu is also the owner of the business. She provides online and offline courses that prepare Physical Therapists and Physical Therapists Assistants to pass their Licensure Boards. 

She has been into this business for the last 20 years and moved online 7 years back.

Client Requirements

Mary Lu has been working with WisdmLabs since 2017. Like many other organizations, Therapy Team uses LearnDash for their educational services.

So, she reached out to us as they needed help in integrating LearnDash with their existing website and customizations around Theme, LearnDash Quizzes and Assignments. 

Additionally, they wanted us to maintain the website performance during the update.

Our Solution

The client needed our help in optimizing their LearnDash LMS for coaching Physical Therapists and Physical Therapists Assistants in taking their boards.  We had to provide customizations around the theme, assignments, quizzes and relevant integrations for the Live Webinar.

So, we went with the following approach:

LearnDash Customization

  • Theme Customization – We switched to the Social Learner Theme for LearnDash for powerful learning features.
  • Instructor Customization – We created a custom feature for the assignments, where the instructor can provide feedback on the assignment.
  • Disable Copy Content –  Since the client wanted that the content on the website should not be easily copied, we disabled the option to select or right click.

LearnDash Integration

  • Live Webinar Integration – We created a custom integration between LearnDash and their existing website for online live seminar course
  • LearnDash App Creation – We created an application to support their existing website
  • API Integration for LearnDash App –  We customized the mobile app to achieve the desired user flow

Overcoming Challenges

Though there are hurdles to every project, but we were sought to resolve any challenges.

The first big challenge was switching the theme to Social Learner since it was a custom theme and had to be done without any glitches.

Another major challenge was to maintain the website functionality during these updates. 

Finally, customizing the mobile app for a smooth and uninterrupted user experience was also a huge task.

The Wisdm Factor

  • Modified approach for assignments  – Added a custom feature that was in line with the client’s approach 
  • Theme customization – Fashioned a custom theme that aligns perfectly with organization’s vision
  • Mobile App – Developed an app to support the client’s website and increase accessibility