WisdmLabs: Now Officially an Affiliated Woo Worker!

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WisdmLabs: Affiliated Woo Worker

We at WisdmLabs, take great pride in announcing that we are now officially an affiliated woo worker. This means, WooThemes recognizes us to have the required expertise to customize Woo Themes and Woo Plugins. They have reviewed and appreciated all the work we put in, to provide extensive customizations and additions to WooCommerce plugin and modify several WP Themes.

Our design driven work over the years, has helped us become specialists in WordPress development and dependable solution providers. We are dedicated to our client needs and can develop a complete website or feature for any business need. We have independently  developed 10 free plugins and 12 premium plugins, apart from which we have handled numerous customizations and have completed several turnkey projects.

Some examples of our work for the WooCommerce plugin:

  1. Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plugin:  A plugin that lets users send product inquiries to the webmaster (instead of adding to a cart)

  2. Zwoom – WooCommerce Product Image Zoom plugin: A plugin which allows a user to zoom into a product image

  3. Customization for WooCommerce pre-order plugin: This feature was requested by a client. It requests for 50% of product payment to be made on any products pre-order.

  4. We have also set-up the eCommerce section for a popular car portal.

We are glad to be listed in the Affiliated Woo Workers directory with fellow WordPress development agencies. We thank WooThemes for this opportunity and are looking forward to a long and proliferant association with them.



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