Content Resharer Pro: Social Auto-Poster Plugin on WordPress

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What is your social media marketing strategy?

Whether you’re just starting out, or have a plan in action, the key objective of social media marketing is increasing user engagement. User engagement in turn drives traffic to your website and helps build your brand.

Now, a common technique across several social networking platforms, is sharing content on a regular basis.

So, if you’re here because you were hunting for an auto-poster WordPress plugin to make this very task simple- you’re on the right track!


Introducing: Content Resharer Pro

Among the plenitude of social auto-poster plugins on WordPress, the Content Resharer Pro brings something new to the table.

“It focuses on continually sharing content (old and new) on popular social networking sites.”

Most social network auto-posting plugins are built around the idea of sharing newly posted content. But Content Resharer Pro doesn’t stop at that, it has an option to share previously published content as well.

Let’s take a look at how this plugin exactly works.


Content Resharer Pro : The Admin Experience

Once you install the plugin, you’ll notice a new menu created: ‘Content Resharer Pro‘.

The options are few, but aren’t quite as straightforward. You might need the documentation to understand how to go about using the plugin.

A good thing here is, Content Resharer Pro provides documentation within the admin settings of the plugin. And to set up the plugin, reading the documentation is a good start.

You see the ‘Help‘ menu under ‘Content Resharer Pro’? Go to that menu and read through the ‘Account‘ documentation and ‘FAQs‘ provided.


That should give you a good idea of how to use the plugin.

The ‘Twitter‘, ‘Facebook‘ and ‘LinkedIn‘ tabs, provide you instructions on how to create API keys for the respective social sharing networks. You would need to create these API keys to share content on the social sites.

Once you’ve created the API keys, you can head over to ‘Accounts‘ to set up your social accounts, which is pretty easy to do. You can then set the ‘Reshare Frequency‘, ‘Reshare Start Date‘, and ‘Reshare Scheduling‘.


You can then control the content to be shared using options under ‘Content‘ and ‘Post Filters‘ tabs. Now, these settings being linked to the account you’re setting up. Which is good. Because you can control the structure and length of the content based on the social networking site.


For example, on Twitter, you might only want to share the Post title, with two hashtags, whereas on Facebook you might want to share the title, and the excerpt along with 4 hashtags.

As the name suggests, the options under the ‘Post Filters‘ tab helps you filter out the post types, or posts older than certain days, which you do not want to share on social media.


Apart from this, if you have certain posts that have to be permanently excluded from being shared on any site, you can add the post ids under an option provided in ‘Exclude Posts‘.



Global Messages

Under Global Messages you can add a pool of messages, which are randomly picked up and added as a message when a post is shared. So the message needs to be as generic as possible. It’s also important to have a large number of Global messages, to make the shared content seem authentic.



A limitation here, is that since Twitter is involved, the message needs to be short. Or else the message will not be included when the content is shared.

But I’d recommend using Global messages only to share older posts. For newer posts, or for important posts on your website, you can head over to the individual post and add a custom resharer message there.


Content Resharer Message Pool

The plugin adds a Content Resharer Message Pool setting under every post, where you can add messages specific to the post. Here, you can also exclude certain global messages from being used when sharing the post.


Since the plugin always checks for custom messages before using Global messages, adding messages here can make the shared message more relevant to the content of the post.


Manual Sharing

There’s an option to manually share content too. Just head over the account -> Reshare Frequency and click on the reshare now button.

Content Resharer Pro : The User Experience

The Content Resharer Pro is pretty much a setup and forget plugin. The plugin quietly runs in the backend and you don’t need to bother with the settings every time, unless you want to share content manually. The plugin does it’s job well.

One obvious drawback is that the number of social sharing sites offered is limited. It’s quite surprising that Google+ has not been included in the list. Well, I’d surely like to see more platforms included in the future updates of the plugin.


All in all the Content Resharer Pro is a good to have plugin, and it can be a great addition to your social media marketing tool suite. The plugin is priced at $49, so, if that seems a bit too steep for some, you can try out the free version of the plugin and then upgrade to the pro.

Does Content Resharer Pro sound like a plugin you’d like to add to your WordPress website? Let me know your thoughts, in the comment section below!



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