, zilch, zip, nada. It's 100% free. This means it's accessible to anybody with an internet connection. Michael Jordan on the other hand was paid million a year for playing in the NBA and earns million a year from Nike. [space] #2 WordPress has a big fan base Over 74 million websites around the globe use WordPress. 37 of those websites are hosted freely on WordPress.com. WordPress is used by 23% of all websites. That is to say, nearly 1 in 5 sites is on WordPress. WordPress related terms receive over 30 million searches on Google per month. Michael Jordan has 27 million likes on Facebook (good thing we're not comparing WordPress to Shakira :D ). [space] #3 WordPress is multipurpose WordPress is a multipurpose CMS. It can be used to create a Blog, an e-Commerce shop, an online event management system, an e-learning management system, an auctions website, a real estate website, a portfolio website, a directory, etc. Looking to create your own website? Michael Jordan was an ace basketball player, had a short-lived career as a baseball player, and was an actor (I quite liked Space Jam). [space] #4 WordPress has a wider playing field WordPress is actively used in the United States, Europe, South Africa, Australia, India <3 , Indonesia, Russia, and so on. WordCamp is hosted in 48 different countries around the world. WordPress has been translated to over 40 languages. And blogs on WordPress.com are being written in over 120 languages. Fun Fact: WordPress.com is the 9th most popular site in Indonesia Michael Jordan played 15 seasons in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. [space] #5 WordPress (Automattic) is worth

6 ways WordPress is Cooler than Michael Jordan