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Course Management, Simplified.

It goes without saying that teaching is one of the most satisfying experiences one can have. If you have a LearnDash eLearning website, and want more productivity, you have come to the right place. 

Advanced Course Manager lets you focus on only the one thing that matters: Teaching. 

It helps you handle the rest of the nitty gritties like course creation, student communication, and enrolments with a slew of modules it includes.

Advanced Course Manager enables you to

Add Lessons Visually to Quickly Create Courses

A first of its kind course builder which can create courses, lessons, quizzes in a flash. Now you no longer have to manually create each aspect of your course.

Improve Student-Teacher Communication

A personal messaging functionality enables effortless two-way communication between the course author and the user.

Manage Student Enrollment easily

Advanced Course Manager offers one click management of enrolled users to enable/disable access, delete course progress, and enroll new users into the course


advanced course manager learndash

Visual Course Builder

advanced course manager learndash

Hierarchical Course Display

advanced course manager learndash

Improved Student-Teacher Interaction

advanced course manager learndash

A Conversations Tab

advanced course manager learndash

Two-Way Communication for Selective Courses

advanced course manager learndash

Course Summary Display

advanced course manager learndash

Course Resume Feature

advanced course manager learndash

Easy Management of Student Enrollment

advanced course manager learndash

Course Referrals Enabled

advanced course manager learndash

Ordering of Lessons

advanced course manager learndash

Change Enrollment Date

Pricing Plans

The price is perfect and so is our product

Single Site

$ 49
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

Staging & Production

$ 59
  • Premium Support
  • Regular Updates

Staging & Production

$ 169
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Updates

What Our Developers say...

"While using LearnDash, I observed that we spend a lot of time in managing courses and students in the backend. The main motive of Advanced Course Manager was to help the Admin in the backend. There are also some good features which our team included that extend LearnDash to the next level. Advanced Course Manager is developer friendly and saves my time in the dashboard."

- Uday Kokitkar 

Associate Technical Leader, WisdmLabs

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a user resume a course once the module is active?

By enabling the Resume Course module, a Resume link is displayed on the Course page above the Course content. The course can be resumed from the Last Visited or Last Completed Content.

How can a user refer friends to a course?

After Course completion, the user can see detailed Course summary on a single page. There, users can refer Course to friends via email.

How can I easy-manage enrollments and check progress of users?

You can manage enrollment on the Edit Course page. You can also see the progress and other details of any user. Erasing of single Course progress for a user(s) is also possible using this feature.

How does student-teacher communication happen?

If the Contact Teacher module is enabled, the student can send a message and initiate a conversation from any page in the course. The teacher can check the conversations on My Conversations page and can initiate conversations with users too.

How do I create a course structure in a hierarchical manner?

On the Edit Course page, you will find a section titled Visual Course Builder. You can create, assign and unassign lessons, topics and quizzes to the course very easily. It also displays the course outline.

Focus only on Teaching and let Advanced Course Manager do the rest!